Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scrubs :)

Wellity, wellity, wellity.
I just had the honour of having my appendix removed on Monday the 6th of April 2009.
It was such an amazing experience, tht I think it would be unfair to others if I hogged it all to myself and did it I wont bother doing it again. (If you didn't get it, I was being sarcastic.) *well Duuh..*
Anywaaaay, I'm going to share the horrificly graphic and vivid details of my experience in the Hospital.

It was about 1:07am on Sunday morning (it may have been 12:07am, but I got confused with the whole day-light savings thing, so just stay with me, kay?) when I awoke with horrendously agonising (I'm feeling discriptive today) pain in my lower right side. I was tossing and turning in bed, hoping to find a comfortable position, but the pain would not cease. I slowly tried to sit up, which was most difficult because my arms were shaking because of the pain, and grabbed the bucket and cloth off the floor, (I had these there because on saturday night just before I went to bed I was feeling rather sick, I wasn't sure if it was because I was tired from helping my sister and her boyfriend move hoses that day or if it was from the KFC I consumed that night.) feeling like I was going to have the Cournel grace me with his precense again. Luckily, I didn't.

I stand up, doubling over, and head to the parent's bedroom, but Mum wasn't in there, but I heard the T.V going downstairs. Who knows why she is watching T.V at 1:11am/12:11am, but I wasn't in position to ponder this.
I go into the livingroom and try and talk to Mum through a stream of gasps and tears. She tries to get me to stand and sit on the couch but I couldn't stand up from the crouched position I had on the floor. When she got me up on the couch she insisted I sit back; another thing I couldn't do, and show her where it hurts.

5 Minutes later, we are in the car heading to the Hospital.
Never have I had such an uncomfortable ride in a car. And I have been in a car drive from QLD to Melbourne, meaning 4hour trips with no restroom breaks.
Every speedbump or pot-hole was murder, but luckily seeming that no-one was out at this hour we didn't have to wait long at the traffic lights :)

We arrive at the Hospital. Mum doesn't know where to park so she parks in the drop-off lane outside of the Emergency Room. I hobble out of the car, in my PJ's and Mum's coral Crocs.
We step around and over the many puddles of blood that were all over the ground outside. Not the greatest thing for me to see seeming that I'm already feeling like I could throw up.
Mum registers me inside and we take a seat.

Wow. The people you meet around an E.R at 1:24am. Three blokes who are with their friend with a very swollen, obviously broken hand. From what I heard they got into a fight over a girl at some bar. His hand couldn't have hurt that much because he still was able to text his mates who were at the bar, telling them to come back. So they did. *sigh*
There were these people in the row infront of where we were sitting; one snakey looking guy, a girl in a stretcher-bed and the parents of the girl. From what I could gather, the girl was the snakey guy's girlfriend. My Gosh, everytime someone would be called before them, this snakey guy would swear his little-cotton socks off.
And it was great when we got called in. Mm, mm. His language is more colourful than a rainbow.

We go through to a hallway, where we meet our very sweet nurse-lady who was looking after me. She took my weight, height, age and sent me through to a little bed-place..thingy. With a chair.
I had to get out of my school-made Pj's and into this rank Hospital gown. But unlike in the cartoons, I got to wear my Undies. *phew*
After some questions and things, the Nurse wants some blood.
O_o Eeep.
Now, I have a severe fear of needles. Even though I got to have this numbing cream stuff, that the nurse kindly told me that they don't usually give to older kids, *mutters under breath* I still cried like a baby. Boy, did the nurse take the micky out of me for that!
She takes some blood and runs off with it, leaving this thing in my arm. Eww..

Later she comes back and puts an IV into my arm, telling me that the liquids will keep me Hydrated.
Every ten minutes I would have to scoot out to the toilet. And the IV began leaking blood and fluid. Kinda gross. It got all over my blanket. She fixed it though.
Some time later (I think it was about an hour) my nurse comes back telling me that one of the tubes of blood had clotted and they need more. So more blood she squeezes out of my arm.
She tells mum and I that I have a white cell count of 22. The normal amount is none. for those who don't know, white cells fight against infections and there was definately something wrong. Mum asks if they can find out what blood type I am, long story short: they never do it for us.

I have a doctor come in to see if I am "still alive". He actually said that. he presses on the hurting area to actually see if it hurts. Sure enough, it did. *rolls eyes* I still think that test is stupid.
He said that he will get a surgeon in and see what he thinks.

That night was heck.
I think I got a total of 2hours sleep if I was lucky. I had to keep darting out to the toilet. Stupid fluids.. *shakes fist and mutters*

It was early morning (I think about 6 or 7am) before the doctor came back. He hurt me again, then left saying to the nurse; "yeah I'll go get that surgeon now." then tells me that I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything.


Mum and I were only waiting, oh let's see, ALL NIGHT to see this surgeon that he hadn't even called! Grr..
Anyway, now that people were awake and moving, we turned the T.V on.
Ooh! X-men!
The surgeon comes in and examines me. talks to Mum, saying all this medical mumbo-jumbo.
When he leaves I ask Mum for a translation, she said that he was going to have me go into theater either that afternoon or the next morning. He was going to have a look around and have the appendix taken out anyway, inflamed or not inflamed.

I have a murse (man-nurse. Thanks Scrubs!) come in and give me another bag of fluids and cleans up the dried blood from the IV leaking. He was scrubbing at this "stain" on my arm that I realised was a large bruise, but I wanted to see how long it would take him to realise. After a few seconds of pain I tell him, "I think that's a bruise" He stops and laughs. I just stare on. I didn't think it was funny.

about and hour and 45 minutes pass and the murse comes back with a wheelchair, he said he's going to take me up to pediatrics.

That wheelchair ride was fun!!!! :D

We arrive at a single room with red walls and a hurge picture of Stuart Little on the wall. I get told where my private loo is and get into the big bed.
Yes, I said big.
It was luxurious compared to the one I was first in.
I meet my nurses. they were nice.

Nothing much happened through out that day.
I meet this machine that was in control of my intake of the IV fluids. The noisy thing would wake me up all the time when its time would run out. Beep. Beep. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!
I got to watch Nickelodeon all day, which was fantastic, except they showed Spectacular Spider-man for 5HOURS one day.

#Uuuuuuuh uuhh uuuh Uhh uuuuuuuuh! uuuuh uuuh uuuh uuuh uuh uuuuuh!#
Thats all I would hear.

That night I stayed awake, cause we were told that they theater people would tell us if I was going into surgery that night. I was super nervous. I didn't end up going that night.

Morning arrived. Another night of barely any sleep. Could you sleep if this machine right next to your head kept going off with out end until a nurse came in and fixed it, if a nurse would come in at night needing to take your blood pressure and temperature and would fail to wake you up so you freak out when you feel this icey-cold thing goes into your ear and this band on your arm swells up so much that you think that your arm is going to fall off? If so, you need a medal.
The nurse somes in and says that I'm going to surgery and that the Anethatist will be down to answer some questions and stuff and the surgeons will be down too.
At about 8ish the people come down and take my bed that has wheels (who would've known!) and wheel me up to theater.

That was fun too. :)

In the theater waiting room, there is my sister in scrubs! She along with my Mum are doing a nursing program. Mum is in Neonates and my sister is in Theater. (she didn't help out with my surgery). Once again, I desperately need to pee. So off I go.
When I come back, there is the anethatist and another one too, her name was Astrid, but I can't remember the Guy's name. They wore cool purple coats. :)
The ask me the same questions I have been asked by various other nurses like when did I last eat and drink, what's my age, do I know what surgery i'm having, etc..
Then I had to try and take my sleepers (earrings) out and take the electric green nailpolish off my toe-nails. My sister helped out with this. Ha. It didn't want to come off.

They come back and wheel me away into surgery. I kiss Mum and Dad and take off.
Astrid commented on my hair. haha. she's just jealous of my curls.
we get the the double doors heading into theater when she asks me the same questions again! Then gets me to put a hairnetty thing on my head. In through the double doors we go.

In the surgery room I had to scoot myself onto the operating table. I had to lie down on my back and I got a super warm blanket put over me. Ahhh, it was sooo nice.
Then I felt like an alien test subject cause all of them swamped over me, putting sticky tings on me, a really weird thing that my sister said will feel like a jelly-fish (it really did!) stuck onto my leg, and soon I could hear the heart monitor going off.
My sister started laughing at how fast my heart was pumping and trying to tell me to calm down. I was just nervous..
Then They gave me a relaxer drug. My sister said "This is what it's like to be drunk."

Oh wow. It was awesome. I would look at a spot on the ceiling and my eyes would roll back into my head. They doctors put a oxygen mask on my face and said "It will smell like strawberries" I don't think I was doing a very good job at taking deep breaths for them, I was sooo happy.
My sister started laughing at me because I was smiling and giggling.
I don't remember anything after that. They put the anesthetic into my IV. That was when my sister was told to leave I'm told.

I hear my sister telling me to wake up, I'm back in the theater room. I (try to) wave at Mum and Dad, then I wake up in my red room with Stuart Little. Man, I didn't even get to say 'hello' and I was asleep again.
Once again, I woke up to voices. I don't know what they were talking about, but all I heard
when I came round was "...waxed lips." followed by laughing.
When I open my eyes, it's my eldest sister ( I have three sisters) and Mum in my room. Dad went home to relax a little.
My sister gives me a card and a happy balloon. :D Then my happiness goes away as I throw up into a bucket. Dunno what I was throwing up cause I hadn't eaten from 7:30pm Saturday night and it was 10ish Monday morning. I end up throwing up about 5times due to the anesthetic.

That night, I'm allowed to eat something!!!!!!!!

Nothing says delicious like a cold piece of toast with strawberry jam.

Tuesday morning arrives and I am trying to cough as much as I can without hurting myself. I thought I was coughing because I had been throwing up alot, but it turns out I had tubes down my throat! Someting they forgot to mention I'm guessing.
I'm allowed to have a shower thank goodness. But I had to sit on a funny seat thing, cause if I stood up for too long I could black out. *sigh* I've had enough of this "passing out" stuff.

After a lot of begging, I was allowed to go home on Tuesday the 7th of April 2009.
I waddled out of pediatrics with style as I carried my teddybear and my happy balloon, wearing my PJ's bottoms and a bright yellow spongebob shirt and sporting a bird's nest as a hairstyle.

We wait outside for Dad to bring the car around.

Aahh.. Fresh air. :)

Dad brings the car round and we speed off home.

I got Hungry Jacks on the way home :) Me lucky. Me could barely eat it, but, Me lucky.

I have lost 6kilos since being in Hospital. :S I don't think I look any different but the scales beg to differ.
I did not like my experience and I shun this scar on my side but it was an experience.
And there's no more pain!!!!! :DDD

Allie :]

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mitsuki: The next champion diver!!

Ever had one of those days when you get home from work or school and the first thing on your mind is, "A hot, bubbly bath will do wonders one my aching feet and sooth my stress"?

yeah well, I desperatly needed that the other day.
I ran a hot bath, (with bubbles!!) and then asked if anyone else wanted one.
of course mum did, and cause she had an awful day of working, she was the one that got to take the first bath. *sigh*

I hung around my room until I heard the loud clicking of the bathroom door unlocking.
Through a cloud of warm, perfumed steam, mum emerged from the bathroom.
Before I could even think about getting up and heading down the hall to the bathroom, Mum yells out down the stairs.
"Would anyone else like a lovely, hot bath?"
Of course that was an offer my eldest sister just couldn't refuse. she raced up the stairs and pelted into the bathroom. I heard the sound of the door locking. At first I was tempted to get the 5cent coin that sits on the framing of the bathroom door so I could unlock the door and tell her to get out, but I'm much too polite for that.

She emerges from the bathroom. I don't even think this time. I grab my PJ's and dive into the bath...forgetting to lock the door.

Aaaaah...nothing like a hot bubbly bath to calm even the most frazzled nerves.
I head downstairs to put my cloths in the laundry, when Mum asks did I drain the bath.
"no Mum, I didn't." I say.
I walk away. I know that she was going to tell me how if I had the last bath then I have to let the water go. I just saved her breath.
I scruff Mitsy for a quick cuddle, then place her on my shoulder and head upstairs.

I roll up my PJ sleave and put my had in the warm water.
meanwhile Mitsy's climbing down my arm at a 90degree angle.
She does this anytime i lean over and put my arm down cause she thinks I'm getting a treat for her...well this time she highly regretted it. =P
she reaches the end of my rolled-up sleave, realising she has nothing to cling onto she trys to turn around and climb back up my arm.
as she turned around she slipped and did a perfect swan-dive into the warm water.
Mit's was in shock!
she has never swam before but did a top knotch job of it i might add...
Mit's was looking for a surface to climb up out of the water, but the walls of the bath were too slippery and had no gripping texture. So Mit's struggled like a rat in a bath. *pun intended*
I put my arm into the water and of course Mitsy soon was clawing her way up my bare arm. *OUCH!!* and heading for my shoulder.
But of course I wasn't going to allow a soaking rat upon my shoulder, so I plonked her on the side of the bath so I could scruff a towel to dry her off with.

I turn round to grab the towel off the rack.
Mitsy has fallen in again.
I grab her out again and quickly dry her off.
Needless to say she looked like a...well, a drowned rat. *pun not intended*

10minutes of constant rubbing with a towel, drying off with a hair dryer set on low and countless treats and cuddles, Mit's was back to looking like herself again. ^_^ And smelling of lavender scented bath salts...

well thats the origin of the diving rat.

Smell ya later. Allie and Mitsy.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mum's new mob.

well we came back from camping at Douglas River. I don't think I actually told you that I went camping...oh well you know now.

It was pretty fun, swimming in the water hole, (murky green stuff floats in it and their is an eel living in there, recently, meaning the first time ever, a snake was spotted by my cousin in the water, havoc broke out, as you can guess) the mouth, (the run off from the water hole that flows down into the beach. wasn't flowing into the beach this year, so the smell was eye-watering. also there were apparantly miniture jellyfish in the mouth, my cousin (who discovered the snake) was the only one who got bitten a number of times, not saying their aren't any jellyfish but i think its a reaction to the salty water, she has extremly sencitive skin, so it makes more sense than the jellyfish theory. how can jellyfish get into the mouth when it hasn't had any beach contact since two months before.) and boogey-boarding in the waves. (the only fault i can think about is that i accidentally left my boogey-board in the back of the car and my sister drove it home so i didn't have a boogey-board.)

anyway, your probably wondering how any of this stuff has to do with my mum getting a new mobile.
My 16year old sister just got her L's and has been keen to do some practise driving. so the dirt roads and emty paddoks at Douglas is perfect for her. my other sister (who is fully lisenced) volenteered to take her for a practice drive. as there is no powered sites you have to charge your phone in the car. mum's phone was flat so she told My sisters to take it in the car and charge it.
a few minutes passed and they reached the gate entering the paddock, (contains sheep so thats why theres a gate) and the fully lisenced sister got out to open the gate. she seemed to have forgotten that mums charging phone was in her lap.

she got out of the car.

so did mum's phone.

it landed face down on the rocky-road and to top it off underneith the car wheel.

when she drove through she ran it over.

the screen smashed. they took it back to mum, looking sheepish. she looked at it then threw it across the campsite (this is an expenxive phone by the way) thinking it was completely busted. my eldest sister retrieved it then explained to mum it still worked.

well 2days after that mum's phone totally konked out.

big time.

so when we got home dad bought her another one.
'A simple, easy to use phone with extra loud ringtones and large buttons.'
thats what it said on the box.

yeah, it's got big buttons. and loud ringtones.

but for mum, not so easy to use.

when you try to explain how it works her ears go all red...and she looks like she will either throw the damned phone out the window or rip it out of your hands and shove it down your throat.

and thats mum's new mob.

see ya love Alleroo and the rat. xoxoxoxoxox

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mitsuki: Smart, or Evil?

it's the 24th of December. Also known as Christmas Eve.

I had finished buying my family's gifts about three days ago, but they were all up in my room. Waiting to be wrapped.
So yesterday I decided that it was best if I wrapped them and got them under the tree, because my sister had already got her's wrapped and under the tree and if I didn't do it soon it may look like I've left buying them to the last minute or worse. I didn't buy the at all. She's out to make me look bad, her with her perfect wrapping...I can never get mine right, the paper isn't even enough to fit the present so I have to cut off more paper to cover up the gaps.

I grabbed the wrapping paper, sticky-tape, scissors and some coloured paper and pens. And I decided Mitsuki can come too, after all, she's lived in my house for over half a year, and I don't recall giving her a grand tour of my room yet.

After half an hour of wrapping, sticking, snipping and letting a rat run freely around my bedroom floor, I had finished wrapping presents. =)
I scruffed Mitsuki and put her on my shoulder, then gathered everything else in my arms, and there was a little bit of wrapping paper I had to clentch between my teeth cuz it wouldn't stay in my arms.

I walked to the door and attempeted to open the closed door with my foot, but Mitsy had other i deas, she wanted to explore my room a bit more so she tried to use the quickest route to my floor. She slid down my back and crawled onto the foot I was using to open the door. Did I mention that I was it bare feet at the time and have EXTREMLY tickilish feet? It was pure torture. I was stuck at my closed door with my arms full of wrapping stuff, and a rat desperately trying to jump off my air-born foot while tickiling my foot with miniture fingers and long whiskers tickling my toes and foot, my leg was cramping and I couldn't call out for help cause I had paper in my mouth. Greeeeeeeeeat... =/

Five minutes later I heard someone climbing the stairs, so I decided to spit the paper out and call for help.

And who came to help me?

My sister.

She opened the door and saw me hopping on one foot with a rat on my leg, me grinning my face off cuz the rat was tickiling me and poorly wrapped presents in my arms.

I was exposed. She never laughed so much in her life.

Mitsy isn't getting any treats for a loooooooooooooooooong time.

Alleroo and the Evil Rat. xoxoxoxo

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A post about my Best Friend, Cassidy-Rae.

I am making a post dedicated to my best friend Cassidy-Rae.

I met her at the beggining of the year 2007, I didn't really talk to her much because I just started highschool and I had never met her before and didn't know a thing about her.
But a few weeks into the first term my friend Emily, (who I have known since prep) introduced me to her friends; Kate, Anne, Sara, Gabi, Taylor (who I have also known since prep) and of course Cassidy.

All of them were totally lovely to me, they were kind, and included me in their conversations. but Cassidy stood out the most to me. The perky personality, the kindness that she showed me every day and the funny and interesting conversations she would loose me in.

there are so many memories I wish to record into this post, but many are too long and hard for you to understand.
but I will do my best.

Cassidy would always make me laugh, even with things others didn't find funny at all. If I was upset, she would be the first person to help me and she was the first person I would actually want to help me. She knew when she could do something to help and she knew when it was best to just leave me alone for the moment.

In partner projects or activities we would always be together, we got on so well and made dynamite study-buddies. If you're reading this Cassidy: remember that Japanese lesson? "Ching ching" lol. =)

we would take eachothers advice whenever the other one gave it. whether it was about what to say to an upset friend or family member, to decide if they should go to a friends birthday party instead of a family dinner/get together or even what colour they should paint their birdhouse in design in wood.

We had our ups and downs, but of course is there any perfect friendship in which they have never had a small fight? I think not. our fights would never get in the way of our lives after we made up. Even if we had another fight Cassidy wouldn't bring up the subject of another fight just to bring me down. And they never lasted for more than a few days, She was always quick to apologise, even when she didn't start the fight. that's one of the thousands of reasons why I love her like a sister, she has a heart of gold and was extremly forgiving.

Inside jokes, secrets, friends, fights and likes are all things we have in common. But of course we also have our differences, such as how she likes a certain TV program which I havn't even thought of watching and wouldn't have a clue what's going on, and I have the fact that I like Gerard Way, Cassidy doesn't like him like I do, but she never put me down about him.

To the world you may be one person,
but to one person you may be the world.
Friends come in and out of our lives,
but ony true friends leave footprints in your heart.
What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters,
compared to what lies within us.
Cassidy-Rae is the best friend I could ever have asked for. When I was younger I would spend every day alone in the playground. No-one ever wanted to play with me and no-one ever would.
until grade five I would spend every day alone, In grade five and six I made friends, but they wernt true friends, they lead me into trouble and fights that wont leave my mind as hard as I may try. Until Grade 7 when i met Cassidy, I never had a great true friend.
The year went by, and during that year I learnt that Cassidy would be moving away at the start of the new year. I was heart-broken. At first I thought she was just kidding around with me, but now that the new year is starting to show its ugly head, its becoming all to real.
you are my best friend, I will never forget you.
We have shared moments that will last a life-time,
moments that I will never forget.
I wish you Goodluck for the future.
I hope you make great new friends,
friends that will respect you and love you as much as I do.
I love you. I will miss you. I will never forget you.
we will meet again, but until then,
"As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together.
and as our lives change, from whatever, we will still be,
friends forever."
Goodluck Cassidy.
Love always, from Allie.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random, but creative writings.

It's the 20th of December.

I've been on school holidays for a week now and I havn't done anything remotely interesting or creative the entire time.

So this post is going to be 100% creative......or 50% creative, 14% random and 36% interesting.

*please forgive me if my math is not correct, but I did mention that I am on holidays. so I deserve some credit for trying.

Life is like a bubble-bath.
It feels good while you're in it,
but the longer you stay the more wrinkled you get.


'Burning on, just like a match you strike to incinerate.
the lives of everyone you know.
And whats the worst you take, from every heart you break.
And every blade you stain, well I'm holding on tonight.
What's the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay, so long and good night so long and goodnight.
There came a time when every star-fall brought you to tears again.
We are, the very hurt you sold.
And what's the worst you take, from every heart you break.
And every blade you stain, well I'm holding on tonight.
what's the worst that I can say? things are better if I stay.
so long and goodnight so long and good night.
And if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay.
so long and goodnight so long and goodnight.
Can you hear me?
Are you near me?
Can we pretend, to leave again?
and meet again, when both our cars collide.
What's the worst that I can say? things are better if I stay.
so long and goodnight so long and goodnight.
And if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay.
so long and goodnight so long and goodnight...'
lyrics from 'Helena'
By My Chemical Romance.
I wish I had your picture.
It would be very nice.
I'd hang it in the attic, to scare away the mice.
99 Red balloons. floating in the summer sky.
The rain makes all things beautiful.
The grass and flowers too.
If the rain makes all things beautiful,
then why doesn't it rain on you?
Eee hee hee hee!
Ok I'm bored of being creative.
I think I'd much rather just lounge on the couch, watching my IQ points drop.
Sweet...see ya later
Alleroo and Mitsuki

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is my adorable little rattie rat Mitsuki. (a.k.a Mitsy, Rat, Rattatoulle, Mitsofrenic, Rattiator...etc...)

I got her as my Birthday pressie this year..actually i got her a week early but meh, whose counting.

she spends everyday with me. Playing Nintendo games, sharing (more like stealing) ice-cream, talking to my buddies on msn, and she tells me in her own special way if I'm spending to much time on my phone. Her 'special way' is grabbing the antenna on my phone and dragging it away. One time she managed to get it into ther cage.

If your a Rat lover like me, or even own a rat, you will know that you can train rats to do tricks...well...Mitsuki has her own tricks, which include:



Terrorising my dog Molly

Escaping from her cage and running freely around the loungeroom

I don't understand how people can find rats creepy. They are SOOOOOOOO CUTE!! They are like miniture dogs, they fetch (if trained) run reeeeeeeally fast, and they love to be patted and cuddled. (and when I say they are like dogs it doesn't mean they BARK!!)